At Kellogg School, we are preparing all children to be successful leaders and learners with a solid foundation of skills and knowledge. We want to create an equitable, inclusive, collaborative and safe learning environment that is built on strong family and community partnerships, where all children will thrive. We believe that a diversified education is critical in laying a solid foundation for international mindedness and life-long learning. We expect all students to graduate college and career ready for their futures.



 News & Updates

  2013-2014 Cumulative Honor Roll Recipients
Click HERE to download the 2013-2014 Cumulative Honor Roll
  Parent and Student Workshop: Intro to IB MYP Programme for the 2014-2015
  RIBBON CEREMONY 2014 || (download the PDF HERE)
"Why Play is Important in the Early Years"

Thank You Friends of Kellogg & Supporters!

The Faculty & Staff at Kellogg School would like to thank the parents who are on the Friends of Kellogg Committee as well as all of the volunteers and supporters who have participated in the fundraisers and events during the last year!  The Friends of Kellogg through all of their efforts have raised the funds to provide the learning specialist teachers with 3 iPad minis each to utilize with their program.  This tool is hugely valuable as we adapt curriculum and introduce students to skills that will help prepare them for high school and career/college in the future.   Thank you!!!  We appreciate your efforts and dedication to Kellogg’s Program!


Please note that fast food lunches are not permitted in the lunchroom.
Students should bring lunch from home or participate in the school lunch program.
Thank you.


The Office of Access and Enrollment presents...Know Before You Go!

The Office of Access and Enrollment presents...Know Before You Go!


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